At this moment, at this time, life is good.

At this moment, at this time, life is good.

This has never been more meaningful than it is now.

We have always known and lived by the idea that life can change in an instance.  So when asked or when reflecting on where we are in life, we are cautious in the knowledge that what we say can only really account for the time in which we are saying it.

At this moment, at this time, life is good was born out of a slight blip when one of us experienced a blocked bowel, severe sepsis and a period in intensive care.  It was a sudden and well recovered blip but one which had a lasting effect on how we viewed our position in the world around us.  We realised, with certainty, that things can change beyond recognition, without warning or readiness.  Since then, we try to relish all that is good and meaningful in acknowledgement of the greater forces at play.

It is safe to say, that where we are now, this mantra is more poignant than ever.  Our family meal times are coveted as we silently nod to the fact that all of us are sat round the table.  The children smile more openly when the school pick up is what had been planned that morning.  The sound of conversations full of arguing and disagreement or love and laughter are welcomed in the knowledge that it could all change in an instant.

As I write this, I can safely say that at this moment, at this time, life is good.  All three children are in their own beds dreaming and sleeping, Mr Brown is making sense of the world around him by playing the X-Box and I am grateful for all of the support received and the encouragement to write whilst sipping a little glass of wine.

At this moment, at this time, life is good.


  • Pauline Walbrin
    Posted at 08:04h, 20 April Reply

    What a fantastic piece you have written and so true for everyone,I wish you and your family all the best and much love xxxxx

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