Childhood Cancer Awareness month #teambrown

On Thursday 1st September 2016, we will be joining others to watch Bournemouth Pier #glowgold to help raise awareness of childhood cancer and this is why:

Because my seven-year old son doesn’t know what to say when people ask him how his brother is.

Because my daughter gets frustrated that she can’t tackle her brother at football even though he tackles her.

Because he has low immunity he has to avoid crowded social events where infection cannot be traced.

Because my husband wakes at night in utter panic and fear about what has been and what the future might hold.

Because my child is not a fussy eater but exposure to the wrong types of food and water could be life threatening.

Because he used to be the fastest sprinter in the school, now he struggles to run at all.

Because his grandparents struggle every day with the helplessness of seeing not only their grandson suffer but their son and daughter hurting beyond words.

Because sometimes children do not want to tell a stranger why they are not in school.

Because when my son answered a questionnaire he said he felt ugly.

Because his friends are scared that the same will happen to him as happened to that person on the TV.

Because, sometimes, people just don’t know what to say to me.

Because asking a child to remove their hat on a theme park ride is one of the most devastating things to happen to them.

Because my son has developed a medical vocabulary beyond his 10 years.

And most of all, because very time I look at my son it breaks my heart to think about what he has been through and how his life has changed irrevocably.




8 thoughts on “Childhood Cancer Awareness month #teambrown

  1. Thank you! Your words validate what it’s like! Very few people get this. I’ve not had much of a chance to speak with other parents. Sometimes we all suffer in isolation. We are going gold here in our house.
    I’m trying to bring awareness and in fact wrote a book to help parents cope that will be released by December. I was driven to get the message out and help more parents and families. Validation, strategies to cope and avoid the effects of ongoing stress, were my biggest motivating forces.
    I didn’t even know about going gold and never saw a thing about it despite my child’s illness. Thank you your words. So glad I found them now.
    May some peace come to you and your child and family. I know the children are warriors who change the world. They should not have one moment of the suffering they endure never mind the added suffering out in the world!
    Parents are warriors too. Thank you again for putting your experiences in words for others!
    -Denise Morett

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. We all see the images of. Children with Cancer in the media but very little reference to what this actually means for children and families. Well done to you for putting pen to paper and writing a book – I look forward to reading it! Lots of love and best wishes 😃

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  2. Have just found your blog (have been reading The Diary of Mr Felix Brown for a while now) and I wanted to say thank you for your honesty and insight. You are an amazing family and as a friend of your middle sister I feel a little more able to support her too now by having more of an understanding of how you are all living with this situation. My eldest daughter’s best friend also has leukaemia and an insight into a family’s experience will help us to support them too. Thank you. I wish you all heaps of love, keep doing what you all do best…smiling and laughing!! We will be ‘going gold’ this month!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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    1. Hi Katy, thank you so much for your lovely comment. Writing really does help me try to make sense of it all and its wonderful knowing that it helps others too! Lots of love to you all xxx

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  3. Mrs,B I follow felix on fb I call him handsome! It makes him blush apparently! For reasons I’m not going to share, this is your blog, I can empathise with all of you! You are a close,loving,supportive and not least great looking!lol family! Love is all you need! Xxxx


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