The School Run

I cannot put into words how much I relish and enjoy the school run.  For me it symbolises how far we have all come in this last year.

I watch as Rufus and Felix scoot, laugh and make mischief on their way to school.  They find things in the world that often pass us by as adults.  The piling of autumn leaves on their scooter, the wonderment of the man fixing a roof, the joy as they master another scooter trick.  There are the bitesize conversations about what they are looking forward to that day, the enjoyment of meeting friends on the way and the enthusiastic ‘thank you’s’  to the Lollipop Man.

During intense treatment, school runs always exposed that things weren’t as they should be.  It might have been that Rufus was being taken to school by someone else or that we had to drive because of the pain Felix was in.  There were times when Felix could not bear facing people in the playground so stayed in the car; they were times I couldn’t face the playground but had to.

The school run in the afternoon feels me with equal joy.  Listening to the boys gabbling away to each other about the successes and fails of the day as we drive to collect Talia.  Talia spent months hitching lifts from a variety of people, sometimes unsure of who would be at home or how gravely ill Felix would be.  There were months when no friends or family really came to our home through fear of infection for Felix.   Rufus desperately wanted his big brother back at school because he didn’t know what to say when people asked how Felix was.  He despaired that he couldn’t say he was fine because it was obvious he wasn’t.  After school routines were subdued and often interrupted by medication, appointments or spells away from home.

Now the school run includes other children piling back to ours for tea or a sleepover.  There is football, trampolining, X-Box and sometimes even homework.  The lunch boxes, the letters, the dramas are invigorating and remind me every day how lucky we are.

At the time you don’t miss the little things as you are appreciating every moment when things are good.  In retrospect now it was the normality of the school run that I missed the most and now we have it again.  OK, so Felix is at the age where he tries to walk ahead of us and sneaks out at the end of the day to walk with his friends but its fine because it’s his choice.  He has control again, control over the things that we had taken for granted.  We all do.

So please join with me to celebrate the everyday ups and downs of what we know as The School Run! I loves it!





One thought on “The School Run

  1. I love how it’s not just you that feels the effect. So many of us start the days that bit lighter for having seen a return to how things should be. It’s not from an “aw that’s the cancer kid” thing, but from the power of your words having affected so many.


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