So, as it turns out, men don’t read my blogs.  To be fair, I don’t think my husband reads them.  He dutifully likes and shares them but I don’t think he gets much past the first sentence.

With this in mind, this blog makes me smile.  This is about periods.  I’m hoping that, despite the title men will read this.  I doubt it though!

Over the last couple of days I have snapped.  Snap, snap, snap.  Snap at everyone.  Snapped at family, snapped at friends, snapped on the school-run.  I didn’t realise I was snapping until 9:23am this morning when my period came and it all made sense.  Why don’t I see it coming?  Every month, without fail, it catches me by surprise. The signs are always there: the sore boobs, the spots that hit the mirror, the fatigue and the mood changes but I can never manage to see the ‘whole’ me.  I also never have any tampons.

And then it comes.  Not sure if it is my age or having had three children but my periods are now quite tremendous.  The blood loss seems and feels far more than a teaspoon; it leaves my body with such force. Whilst it now only lasts for a couple of days, it requires full-time attention to manage it.  It is impossible to be away from a toilet for more than half an hour which has a huge impact for work and travel.

I hope that some open-minded men read this.  I know there are an abundance of jokes out there about periods and PMT and yes, we get them every month so we ought to be used to them but they are tough and they seem to be getting tougher (or I’m just getting older).

I am currently sat here with spots on my chin the size of my son’s head, a sanitary towel so thick that it’s like having a duvet between my legs and bazooka boobs as tender as marshmallows.

To anyone who has crossed my path in the last 48 hours … sorry.

To anyone concerned I was looking bit washed out today … it’s my period.

To all the wonderful men out there … we know it’s PMT but telling us doesn’t make it stop.

I love being a woman, I am proud to be a woman but I bloody hate periods!

Women, please feel free to comment or add to this tirade.  Men, thank you for reading!






23 thoughts on “Period.

  1. Glad it s just not me as well that feels this way.
    Mine make me pissed off with everything but when I wanted a refund in mothercare for a faulty item the women I m convinced smelt my wrath and inner time of the month feeling. It did work😂😂😂😂
    Plus I keep the jobs going locally on ringwood road for the staff at Procter and Gamble x


  2. Oh thank you for writing this. Since having my 2 children, I feel like my insides are being pulled out between my legs. Mine is imminent, I look like I’ve a viral rash across my face, I am going from smiley to dragon in a blink of an eye (husband: what’s wrong with you, you are miserable? Me: I know I have pmt Husband: ohhh – then he dismisses any frustrations I’ve expressed grrrrrrr) and the bit that normally takes me by surprise usually occurs the night before when I want to curl into a ball and cry like I’ve lost everything in my world. And then it comes and am like ah, that’s what that was about!

    I’m thankful for my kids but how much longer will I (and those around me) have to suffer this EVERY month?

    I’m with you all the way. No one ever talks about it and because it’s so different these days I thought there was something wrong with me!


  3. I hate to rain on anyone’s parade BUT 😔 wait for the menopause……… my god I didn’t know what hit me, along with the stress of being an Oncology mum too it’s horrendous 😔 The mood swings, then tears, then the pain in my joints, your boobs swell to twice the size and are so painful. Your heels lock in a morning so you walk around holding onto furniture for the first 5 minutes. My whole body has increased from a size 8/10 to 12/14 😔 I have all this for approximately between 5-10 years and my daughters end of treatment is September 2017. Oh I gave up smoking on diagnosis date May 2015 and I don’t drink. NOW that’s depressing- but heyho I will go on xxx 😀


    1. Omg! I have had various joint pains over the last 5 years, my Achilles are so tight I sometimes hobble first thing, weight gone up. I asked if menopause related and was told no- now I think otherwise. Thank you!


      1. I ache terribly at times, my back my legs and this month I realised it was just before my period. I’m wondering now if the aches are related to my hormones. I will be monitoring more closely now. I’ve heard that running/exercise helps with menopausal symptoms, would be interested to know if there is any evidence to support this.


  4. I can relate sooooo well. I haven’t met many people who have to try and book holidays around their periods like I’ve had to! No swimming, no long walks without a toilet nearby, no being out of reach of food for more than an hour……the list is endless! In a house of men they have all learnt to read the signs (better than me) and used to frequently mutter amongst themselves about the monster who had moved in!! I also love being a woman but am learning through my friends (and the onset of inferno night sweats) that the menopause is no picnic either. I am just glad they invented wine to get me through! xx


  5. Oh gosh I hate periods they make me feel like a psycho the pain is awful the constant need to go to the loo I have to use 2to 3 sanitry towels at night . paracetamol and chocolate .xx


  6. All I can say is ditto, your day today has mirrored mine. I’m 43 and like you each month they get worse and worse. Average time allowed away from a bathroom today has been 40 minutes at most! And that’s using the massive ‘orange’ ones I used to think were reserved only for my nan!! If someone had seen me sobbing in my bathroom at 5am this morning they would have called the police as it looked like a massacre had taken place, and it was the 3rd time up! Add in to the mix that it appeared to have turned in to ‘the tropics’ in our bedroom last night made for a totally horrific nights sleep. Throw in cramps, and a bit of back ache for good measure, then up nice and early to function as a normal, wife and mother and then off to do a full day’s work. What can I say – Ive felt better! Such Fun 😩


  7. Such a good idea to share Mrs Brown, thank you. When young my periods lasted 11 days and I had pmt for a week beforehand on a 35 day cycle. They got ‘slightly better’ after my child was born but I had an earlyish menopause brought on by stress and distress on the loss of my beloved father and throughout all of this, coping with all the symptoms you mention above, I’ve had rheumatoid arthritis from age 29. The pain of this disease including constant total fatigue, was always worse at ‘my time of the month’. But the strangest thing is, in some tiny weird way, I miss having those ghastly periods as they reaffirmed my womanhood and, of course, everything goes south after the menopause!! Keep smiling ladies, it does come to an end one day and that time arrives so quickly it takes you by surprise xx


  8. The upside of menopause no periods! Yay.. I suffered exactly the same for a good few years ..then at 46 nada.. that was 5 yrs ago..and touch wood other than the dreaded hot flushes ..that come and go in clusters I appear to have gotten off lightly. No more more confined to the house on heavy more tampon shopping. So as much as its sad to think more childbearing..not that at 51 I would want that.. 2 gorgeous grandsons now fulfill my maternal urges…I love being in the menopause.. every cloud.. 🌥.. 😍😘


  9. I have little apps to tell me and I’m still confused why I’m bitch woman from hell.

    Oh and that teaspoon crap, I measured once (mooncup), and went to the Dr armed with my insanely accurate notes to try and explain that it’s way over the “contact someone if it is more than x amount” stage. Seemingly I’m mistaken…

    At least it means I understand when my daughter hurts, I’m assuming her step mum has the roller blading in white shorts kind so doesn’t seem to “get” it.


  10. I love the photograph! I was in the menopause when my daughter was diagnosed, but my periods restarted with the shock of her diagnosis! Nine months later they stopped again with the shock of her death! Our bodies and our emotions are so interlinked.
    My moods are definitely on a much more even keel since the menopause and I’m glad that I don’t have PMT to deal with along with grieving for my daughter. However my three daughters have had terrible bother with their periods – far worse than I ever was!
    My daughter who died bled all through her bone marrow transplant, necessitating extra transfusions, despite being on double the dose of norethisterone to suppress menstruation. My two surviving daughters have had issues with theirs starting before they were teenagers. By comparison, I don’t think I suffered as much as them!


    1. Our bodies really are sensitive engines when it comes to stress and emotions. My daughter also started her periods at primary school yet it seemed to settle her once they started. It felt as though her hormones were getting her body ready from about the age of 8.

      You are showing such strength talking so openly about your daughter’s illness and death and the impact of this stress and emotion on your bodies. Lots of love to you all xxx

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