The Burb Guest blog: Who’s in charge?

The Burb Guest blog: Who’s in charge?

So, blog post writing! Mmm, tricky! I used to write a blog. A blog about food, something I’m somewhat of an expert in, I love cooking food and I love eating it. My blog was there to show cooking is to be enjoyed, not to be a chore! My blog with the help and inspiration of my wife got me on a TV cookery show, a great achievement for which I’m very proud. Sadly due to my laziness and making excuses of being too busy, my blog hasn’t been updated in many years, but I do still do a great deal of eating. Anyone can write a blog, it is what you make it and if you have the right mindset, anything is possible!

Technology and social media are ever advancing and evolving. All of us have had to move with the flow. I’m going to make an assumption, if you reading this then I’m going to bracket you in the category of the most advanced within recent centuries. From what I can gather from history books (who remembers a book?), research, communications and social interaction were done face to face with very little electricity/tech needed (maybe a light, a torch or a candle if it was dark). I remember playing football down the park with my mates, jumpers for goalposts! This wasn’t arranged by a phone call, a poke, a snapchat, WhatsApp or text, it was a given we’d be there. The most technologically advanced thing I had was Casio watch (with multiple melodies for the alarm).


Now I often wonder what I did without my IPhone (other phones are available but their mostly rubbish). It isn’t just part of my life, it runs my life. The internet went off for a few hours today, nightmare, it was an actual nightmare. The phone signal is not too great where I am (and they’re talking about 5G super fast mobile network,FFS! I haven’t seen the 3G work properly yet!). So a phone with very little ‘G’ and no internet is photo taking storage device. This was an ideal time to charge it up, since I wasn’t using it for scrolling through Facebook and Twitter. I have days when I think social media and technology are the best thing since….unsliced bread (doorstep bacon butties for example), other days I think it’s the worst discovery since prejudice. I’ve dipped in and out of the newest trends and apps too use, but ultimately they all get deleted.

My latest obsession is Fitbit. I have the Blaze, all set up, synced with phone. This is great, it knows when I’m active, when I’m asleep (it can probably hear me), counts my steps. As great as this all is, it’s given me data, for which, I never realised I cared about. By the time I’ll go to bed tonight I will have done 19,000 steps (about 12k). This to me has been an average day. If I hadn’t had worn the watch then I wouldn’t have known. But by wearing the watch it has made me aware of what I did yesterday and a need to beat that step count. And I feel better for it. The annoying thing is, I’m now wasting a lot of time by not walking in an efficient way from point A to point B, just to get a few extra steps in. I only did 13,500 steps yesterday, so you must understand my frustration and embarrassment of 5500 extra unnecessary steps. How would I explain that, if I had a boss?  I’m self employed which just makes it worse.


My name is Wayne and I’m an addict, I’m addicted to my phone, my iPad and my watch. Please don’t judge. I leave you now with a few thoughts and would love to know your views. Thanks Lady K for the Burb guest blog takeover. Has tech taken over? For better or worse?  Is it time for TV/Radio news to give up? Has social media changed the way we hear news? Clouded judgment from likeminded individuals within your community?  We’ve had ice bucket challenges, no make up selfies, planking, manikin challenge…etc. Maybe the real challenge for the modern world would be to swipe to off and spend time with the ones you love, but where would the kudos from that come, if you weren’t tweeting about it.



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