Radiation through the Eyes of a 9 Year Old Boy ~ A Guest Blog by Rosie Driscoll

Radiation through the Eyes of a 9 Year Old Boy ~ A Guest Blog by Rosie Driscoll

Isaiah is aware I have made this blog so I like to give him the choice to be involved as much as he can. I asked him if he would like to do a post which he was unsure about at first but has agreed to do a kind of Q&A about Radiation. Isaiah does not talk about his illness much as he finds it difficult to express all the feelings regarding it. But I’m hoping this blog will give him a platform to express himself a little more. Every answer is his
exact words, he talked and I scribed.

What was Radiation like the first time and were you scared?

It was strange and worrying the doctors kept saying it was just gonna be like a spaceship ride but it was not a spaceship… I thought the machine was going to fall on me, I was scared.

How do you feel about Radiation now?

I still don’t like it who would? But I’m not scared of it anymore.

Can you explain what Radiation is for people who don’t know?

Ummm it’s a treatment used for cancer, you get a mask with tiny holes in it it covers your face and has marks on where they are putting the Radiation. It is then screwed down to this table you lay on then this big machine moves around you giving you Radiation.  It is used to shrink tumours.

How long does it take?

Umm 15/30 minutes? I don’t know really I just know I get really bored.

How many rounds have you had?

30 rounds but in the middle of my 40th round which will be finished next Friday then I will be totally done right?

Yes after next Friday it will be all done for definite this time. What do you get to do when you finish Radiation?

Ring this bell which I had rang when I finished the 30 but then they wanted me to another 10.

How did you feel when you had to do another 10 rounds?

I don’t know I just want it to finish.

What’s a bad thing about Radiation?

The pain, the lasers have burned my neck.

What’s a good thing about Radiation?

That it will shrink my tumours.

What helps you feel less stressed about Radiation?

You and Dad and Noah and praying to God and Jude who are always watching and keeping me safe.

What do you want to say to kids who are also going through Radiation?

Just be brave I know it’s scary but it will be over soon and then you will be okay because it would of helped you beat your illness.

Radiation sometimes don’t work how do you feel about that?

It will work after this extra 10 round… I don’t like this question can we move on.

Yes, of course, Isaiah I’m sorry. Thank you for answering my questions I know some of them were hard. one last thing can you tell everyone why you choose this picture?

It’s a picture of a Radiation machine, it’s not mine but looks a little like mine, you can now see what it looks like.

Thank you Isaiah, anything else you want to say? “No just thanks

No just thanks for reading and goodbye.

Some insightful, hopeful and heartbreaking answers from my little boy, the wisdom he
carries at just 9 years old amazes me. Please this September

Please, this September, help Childhood cancer get the Awareness and the funding it
so desperately needs.

Our children are worth more than 4! ?



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