It’s just a blip ~ An Anonymous Guest Blog for CCAM

It’s just a blip ~ An Anonymous Guest Blog for CCAM

Is this a flippant comment? Naively, I didn’t think so! On hearing the shocking news of Felix’s diagnosis this was the sentiment I wanted to pass on. At the time I firmly believed Felix’s cancer story would be but a couple of tough years which would eventually become shadowed by a lifetime of love and laughter.

“Why on earth?” I hear you mumble in disbelief. Well ironically until today, this was my raw personal experience of cancer. At 16, I watched as my beautiful Mum had her tumour removed and suffered the discomfort of radiotherapy. However, during the process, she evolved into a fearless creature that insisted my sisters and I became fiercely independent because life is not to be taken for granted. This attitude still persists!

My caring and fearless husband has overcome his blip an astonishing four times. I occasionally wince as I witness the poor junior doctor’s arms shaking under the weight of his medical file, but each painful but genius treatment has worked. We’ve even beaten the odds and have two beautiful, boisterous boys to love. So up yours cancer, we win!

My determined sister also took on her blip. The cancer was cut from her leg; she completed the gruelling 26 mile Jurassic coastal walk!

With each of these blips I’ve cared, comforted, cleaned lines and cut up food. I’ve felt anger, frustration and isolated. However, the dark 3am stints eventually dissipate and before you know it you’re planning holidays and making memories, whilst exuberantly holding onto one another and breathing a sigh of relief.

This weekend changed everything. I wept as I watched my brave and loving Mother-in-law breath her last ragged sigh of relief…with it my ideology about cancer also dissolved.
As I experience the strongest of families, struggle with their desperate waves of grief, I believe it is incontestable that we need more research, because my children need their Grandmother, Father, Nana, Auntie and friends.

Therefore I apologise, it’s not ‘just a blip!’ Naivety carried us so far but in the end, the violent reality of cancer crushed us.



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