#BeingHuman ~ A Guest Post by Sarah Burbidge #2

The Heathrow airport scene in Love Actually is what being human means to me. The hugs and the excitement of being reunited with those you care for, being loved and supported. Whenever I walk through the airport gates at a UK airport, I always feel that someone will be waiting for me, which is silly as I’ve got my train ticket booked and everyone will be working!!
I suppose the thought arises as you’ve been away and you are sure you’ve been missed or hope someone missed you.
We do need love to feel human, be this from family, friends or just having someone there to look out for you.
What if due to circumstance you don’t have that, if you choose a life of solitude, does this make you less human?  In my opinion yes it does, but a Buddhist monk would disagree.
You need positive connections to feel human.
Charities are set up to support those who don’t have support from others. If they didn’t have this then they must hate the world. Surely this is when drug abuse,  violence or/and you get radicalised into a group who latch into your ill beliefs and situation.
When I hear stories of terrorist or racist violence these people to me are not human. I’ve googled the definition of humanity many times in recent years, trying to comprehend ‘why someone would take someone’s life’. Within the headlines, bombers are often called cowards. Does this mean that to be human you need courage, I think so.
We started on this planet fighting with dinosaurs didn’t we and sending our husbands off to hunt for food for our families and fight for our country. That must have taken a lot of courage on both sides.
You need courage to feel human.
I’ve talked about terrorists, but what about bullies are they human? Yes they are, they are humans making mistakes, based on people making mistakes on them.  But if you don’t follow my moral code then no you are not human as you lack compassion and empathy.
You need to show compassion and empathy to be human.
But what if you lack the skill to show empathy. What do you become? What if you don’t have the ability to feel, see, touch. Are you less human?
No no you are still human on a different/unique scale to most.
So in summary being human is to exist with other humans and appreciate the world and beauty around you on whatever scale that may be.
Thanks Kerry for making me think 🙂 however I don’t think I’ve got an answer…..

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