Life is Cruel

In the last 24 hours, another family and community have been ripped apart by the devastating news that a young girl has died from cancer.

The statistics tell us that cancer in children is rare – it feels far from that at the moment.

I had the pleasure of teaching this young lady and meeting her at an oncology review.  Her wide smile, forgiving eyes and determination told the world that she would do all she could to beat her diagnosis.  I thought she would.  Heartbreakingly, she didn’t. As is the case for so many children.

Daisy will always have a special place in my heart along with Alice and Ernie who have also passed away this year.  Their smile,  determination and passion will be buried deep in my soul.

These wonderful, special and unique children will live forever in our memories.

But they should not have gone so soon.

They will always be missed.

Life is Cruel.

#Daisy #Alice #Ernie #Jack #Ciara #Gaia






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