My Blog’s Honest Truth

My blog has always been a means through which I have tried to make sense of this crazy world we live in.  Whether it is exploring my feelings and experiences of having a child with cancer or a personal view about a current issue or debate.  Whatever it is, I have always blogged when I wanted to about what I want to.

Since hanging out in the virtual blogging world I have become more and more exposed to the commercial world of blogging and quite frankly, it’s just not for me.  There is a professional world of bloggers who, quite simply, have a completely different perspective on the purpose of blogging.  There is the talk of SEO, self-hosting, analytics and brand collaborations which are all far beyond my realm of understanding.  This is not a criticism by any means but by becoming part of this community, I have felt pressured to adopt a more committed and strategic approach to my blog.

This was exacerbated by becoming a #UKBA18 finalist for the second year running.  Once the finalists were announced, I received a number recommendations from a variety of bloggers about what I needed to do to meet the judges’ criteria to win.  From the content of my next few blogs to my website design and the frequency of my blogs.  I listen intently and started to draw up an action plan designed to give me the best chance of winning.

Then I stopped.

I stopped because I realised I wasn’t being true to myself, my blog and my readers.  The reason I started the blog was for me and then I realised that actually, I could help raise awareness of childhood cancer and be a supportive platform for families both nationally and internationally.  Yes, I would love to win the Health and Social Care category I am a finalist in but not as part of a strategy.  I want to win it to help raise the profile of childhood cancer and the families it affects.  I want to win it to be able to stand there and stand there tall and proud in honour of the beautiful children who have endured the pain and suffering that should not be bestowed on a child.  I want to stand there for the siblings who experience living with the harsh reality of childhood cancer on a daily basis.  I want to stand there in honour of the families who lives have changed forever when they heard the words, ‘Your child has cancer’.

I want to win it because it is an honest and frank account of life, family and education. From a parenting and educational perspective, it explores the finer details of daily life with the added dimension of having a child with cancer.

This is my Blog’s Honest Truth and I nearly lost it.



2 thoughts on “My Blog’s Honest Truth

  1. I’ve found this too, there seems to be more blogs about blogging. Either that, or how to’s and top 10’s. It seems like an upstream struggle to be heard amongst the noise. I only hope that the few that we do reach, pass it on and help us to spread awareness as much as possible. I too, am going to stay true to myself. Big hugs to you. Xx


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