Why Three Is The Magic Number

Why Three Is The Magic Number

Three is a gang.  Three is a Tribe.  Three is a Team!

When our second child was around 18 months we made the decision to ‘try’ for a third.  Initially, my husband was reluctant as we already had a girl and a boy and in his mind, people only had three if they wanted a child of the opposite sex.  Having been one of three myself, I loved the dynamic of a family of five.



Three is the magic number


I can’t put my finger on exactly what this dynamic was but it worked for me and I wanted to emulate this in my family.  When we announced we were pregnant with our third, some people seemed astonished at our decision because we already had a boy and a girl so why on earth would we want another.  A member of the family actually said, “I hope you have twins and then you’ll suffer”.  They just could not get their head around the idea as it seemed to go against every notion of what a family should be for them.

That could also be why I wanted three children.  Deep down I probably wanted to challenge the 2.4 stereotype of a typical family.  Despite this, I know that it was the right choice for us.  Is it easier or harder than having 2 or 4 children, I don’t think you can make any direct comparisons.  However, I do know the following:

  • When the children were all under 5, invitations to other people’s homes stopped – one sticky pair of fingers is one thing but three pairs of touching, breaking and spoiling hands were too much for some people!
  • Having three children reduces your choice of car and forget having a convertible or anything remotely sporty, you can’t sit three in the back
  • It is impossible to get a cheap night in a hotel either here or abroad because family rooms are mostly for four so you will find yourself having to book two rooms
  • You will never, ever say the child’s name you are actually calling first
  • Your first child seems to take forever to do their firsts; their first word, their first day at school or their first night away.  Your third does it and sometimes you don’t even notice!

I love having three.  Why not four?  I would’ve had four had mine not been so big weighing in at 7lb 13oz, 9lb 14oz & 10lb 9oz – anyone can see the way that trend was going and I just didn’t think my body could cope carrying or nursing an even bigger baby!

So, whilst we wait for the imminent arrival of the third royal baby for William and Kate, my best piece of advice for newbie parents of three is:

Stick together guys – from this moment onwards you will always be outnumbered!



My Magic Three


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