The Sibling Side of the Story by Brooklyn Hansen age 12

The Sibling Side of the Story by Brooklyn Hansen age 12

My name is Brooklyn Hansen. I am nearly 12 years old, I live with my Dad,  Mam and brothers and sister I am the oldest brother in my house, I have 3 younger brothers and 1 younger sister.

On the 27th February 2018, I became a big brother to Roman Hansen, it was one of the best days of my life! On the 22nd May, Roman was rushed to hospital in the middle of the night because his lung had burst and there was a cyst that needed to be removed by surgery. I remember been woke up by my dad and told ‘Mam has had to take Roman to the hospital, he’s not well’ Nanna is coming to pick you up so I can go to the hospital’.

I was really worried and scared but I knew My Dad and Mam would be with him and he was in the right place to get better because he had been taken to the RVI in Newcastle. On the 3rd June 2018 my life changed forever, (one of the worst days of my life) I came in from school, Dad and Mam sat me and my brothers down, I knew something was wrong, I could see my mam had been crying, her face was all red and puffy, and her and my Dad looked really sad and worried. They told us Roman would need to be in hospital for a long time and that he had Cancer, they did explain a lot of things to us and what was going to happen, but I didn’t really hear much of it or take it in, because when I heard the word cancer, my belly felt really weird (in a bad way) I felt really upset and scared,I was really worried that my baby brother was going to die.

I didn’t want to ask Dad or Mam that question, but when Mam said ‘is there anything you want to ask us, it just came out, we all said it at the same time (me and my brothers) ‘is Roman going to die?’ I saw my Mam look at my dad with a very sad look and she took a deep breath and said, ‘No, no we are going to fight this with him, all of us’ Dad said ‘we are going to get him through this no matter what, it’s ok try not to worry’.

But I heard the word cancer how can I not worry.

I can’t imagine what my Dad and Mam feel because for me it’s really hard and scary. I remember going to school and just wanting to cry and be at home, but I didn’t and I couldn’t. As the weeks went by we were given books and leaflets and sat down again with Dad and Mam who talked us through things, like, what was going to happen, where we would be while they were in the hospital, that we could go in and see Roman at the hospital, but it would be a little scary and we’d have to be brave because there would be lots of other children as well as Roman who were also fighting cancer and very poorly, so we had to be really good, and respectful.

I read the books and leaflets given to us and tried my hardest to understand but it’s very hard and made me feel really worried because Roman was going to have Chemotherapy to make him better and I have seen on TV what that does to adults so I was really scared and sad for Roman, but I knew Dad and Mam would help him and the nurses and Dr Gail from the hospital.

After a few weeks, Dad came home to look after us

Instead of both of them looking after Roman it would just be Mam, I was happy we didn’t need to stay at our nannas anymore, and we could go home, I was happy because I wanted to be at home, but I was sad too I wanted us all to be at home but I knew Roman  needed to be in hospital with Mam, so we would go in every day and see them both and spend all day with them. But I really really miss them and it hurts they are in hospital so much, but I know my Mam and Dad are the best parents ever so we will be ok. I remember the first time I saw Roman with wires and tubes coming out of him, it looked so scary and wrong because he is a baby and so little, but I knew they were helping him. I remember looking at my mam and knowing she missed us loads she would and still does squeeze me my brothers and sister so tight when we have to leave and tell us over and over that she loves us and we could ring her anytime even in the middle of the night if we wanted to. We are still going through this now but we are getting used to it and trying to make it ok.

We have met lots of different people

Drs, nurses, staff, Parents of other children and other children facing cancer and I have made friends with a few children of different ages and always treat them how I treat any of my friends just normal because I kind of understand how hard it must be for them with watching my brother go through his cancer journey, and he’s only tiny. I have learnt a lot about cancer and chemotherapy I still do get really worried and scared about things but I know I always have my dad and Mam to talk to and they always explain things so I understand, which helps. But it’s a really scary place, to be the big brother to a baby who has cancer. My world has changed so much, I play football for a local team football for a local team and my dad and Mam used to always come to see me play but they can’t at the moment, we have spent lots of time in the hospital with Roman over the summer holidays and it hasn’t been fun, it’s been really boring and hard to see Roman poorly and Mam so sad when we leave but we have made the best and I understand Roman need to be there and Mam needs to be with him, I know I am loved just as much and it must be really hard for my Dad and Mam to be apart and I know they both want to be in the same places at the same time but they can’t and that makes me really sad. My Dad is doing brilliant looking after us all at home and making sure we are all ok and he looks after Mam and Roman too. I know how serious cancer is and chemotherapy but I also know Roman needs to have that medicine to help get better. Cancer has changed everything forever in our house but we are strong and can be there for each other to get through.

I hate cancer but I love my family so much.
Cancer may be serious but so are we, we are serious and strong, strong enough to fight as a family!

  • victoriawhyte
    Posted at 18:28h, 05 September Reply

    Very well written. Heartbreaking to read 💔😢

  • Trevor Marshall
    Posted at 17:24h, 12 November Reply

    Broooklyn, you one smart lad & have had to grow up real quick. You’re young brother Roman is very lucky to have someone so caring & loving. You’re a credit to your mom & dad & I bet they are very proud of you too. Keep strong & supporting your mam, dad, brothers & sister. Roman is fighting to get home with you all so believe that & we are all praying that will have real soon. You take care & love to all the family ❤️

  • Jaime Lou Starkey
    Posted at 20:20h, 12 November Reply

    So we’ll written it must be so hard for you all. You sound so mature for your age. Love yo you all and your brave little brother keep fighting ❤️

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