The Sibling Side of the Story by Tom Palmer

The Sibling Side of the Story by Tom Palmer

It’s true how cancer affects everyone around. When our son was diagnosed my wife was 10 weeks pregnant. We were getting ready to announce it and begin celebrating with friends and family, that didn’t quite go to plan.

Obviously, our second son Noah is just as loved and just as special as Rufus and brings us so much happiness. But, Rufus’ diagnosis took so much from us in being able to truly enjoy and be excited. So even though Noah wasn’t born when cancer hit our family it has still massively impacted on him. We know how cancer in our children affects the way you live as a family.

Another but… on the other hand, Rufus is infatuated with Noah. He is the ultimate big brother and I really think Noah has pulled Rufus through the hard times because Cancer doesn’t just affect the body, the mind needs help too.

Both my boys are precious and perfect. 


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