My brother has Cancer by Ethan age 11

My brother has Cancer by Ethan age 11

Hello world, my name is Ethan and I am 11 years old. With my dad’s help, I’m going to tell you about me and my brother.
Me and my older brother Lincoln who is 12 live with my mom during the week and my dad on the weekends and on some holidays. Lincoln was 9yrs old and I was 7 when he was diagnosed with Chondrosarcoma which is cancer if you didn’t know.  It affects the cartilage and bone and nervousness system. Lincoln’s first tumour was on his leg.

Me and Lincoln thought only old people got cancer we never met kids with cancer before. Lincoln had surgery after he was diagnosed we were both really worried we hated being apart so I would visit him lots. Before and after his surgery he had radiation and chemo I kept thinking his radiation was like laser beams that you see in lightsabers like in Starwars but Lincoln says it’s much more boring than that.

Unfortunately, the treatments that he has had has only worked for a little while at a time.  Lincoln has now lesions throughout his skelational system including big ones on his pelvis, spine and more recently on his rib cage encasing his lungs and lung wall. A spinal tumour means he can no longer walk and the rib tumour is growing out meaning he has a lump on his side that keeps growing.

I help my mom measure it every day we pray it gets smaller but it doesn’t.

Lincoln’s cancer has been chronic for a long time my dad say it means it’s not if it comes back it’s when. Lincoln has been having radiation and chemo to try and help with his pain and growth. He was on a clinical trial but was kicked off not because he was bad but because of a rib tumour. Lincoln’s cancer is terminal and well I don’t need to tell you all that that means. Lincoln has banned that word from the house he also only lets us cry 2 minutes a day.

Lincoln tells me this isn’t a sad story it’s just what it is and we who’d be thankful for what we have and what we can give.

Me and Lincoln have met WWE superstars, swam with dolphins and have “rubbed elbows” (what my dad would say) with many celebrities including NASCAR.  A lot of my friends say I am lucky because of this but what they don’t see is the reason why I got to do all of those things. My big brother, my hero, my protector, my person who once could lift me and spin me around and try out his wrestling moves on me needs my help.  He needs me to just use the bathroom, he needs my help when he drops his fork, he takes hours to go to sleep because each side he lays on hurts.  I have seen him with wires in his chest where you can see the blood and it looked like it must really hurt.  And yes I have been woken up in the night to go to the ER and done my homework on the hospital floor. I watch his face in pain as mum changes his pic line dressing every week.

I sit here and think how does all that make me lucky but then I think hey I am lucky because I am Lincoln’s brother.

With cancer and without Lincoln is the best brother ever, he’s funny, smart, goofy, caring, annoying but just awesome!  Right now me and Lincoln are working on a bucket list which is things we want to do before he can’t.  I think everyone should do this even if u or your loved one don’t have cancer just do it so you can all do things that you want to do. Lincoln’s 13th Birthday is in December and he said no cancer is getting him until he has turned into a teenager and has had his teenage tantrum.  I believe Lincoln can make it he’s strong stronger than me and the hulk.

I don’t know what the future will be like. I hope it will be a future without cancer at all and I know that’s Lincoln’s wish too. He says “if I have to die for kids to get kinder treatments I will”.  He’s so compassionate I just wish he wasn’t so much. I just wish he was my brother as I’m selfish and just want him for myself.  He’s not a statement he’s my brother for darn sake….. sorry I get angry sometimes but I’m working on it.

I just hate cancer.

I guess my advice to everyone like me is just keep smiling, don’t give up just take it one day at a time.

I have chosen this photo as it’s my favourite.  I’m really protective of Lincoln, he calls me his mini bodyguard. Lincoln had just been diagnosed with a spine tumour which took his ability to walk in this photo. Not all chemo makes hair fall out.  In all of Lincoln’s aggressive treatment, he has never lost a full head of hair which is lucky as he loves his hair.


  • Claire
    Posted at 15:35h, 28 September Reply

    Such a beautiful, heartfelt message Ethan. Thank you so much for sharing. You and your brother are BOTH super hero’s x

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