My Sister has Cancer by Ellie age 6

My Sister has Cancer by Ellie age 6

I have three children. Felix (8yrs)  Ellie (6yrs) and Sofia (3yrs).  Sofia was diagnosed with ALL Leukemia in January 2018. The world of childhood cancer is difficult for adults to understand let alone three children all under the age of 10.  Felix is EXTREMELY sensitive, he’s got a heart of gold but because of this, he is the type of child to cry so Sofia’s diagnosis has been super hard on him.  So hard that he’s just not ready to put his emotions into words yet. 

However, Ellie is our little whirlwind she’s a force to be reckoned with and will tell anybody and everybody about her “strong sisters fight against the monster cancer”.  We don’t know if it’s more of Felix’s and Ellie’s night/day personalities or their ages but they continue to cope and process  Sofia’s completely different ways. So here is Ellie’s view on Sofia’s cancer diagnosis. 

Who are you? My name is Ellie and I am 6!!!!

Do you have any brothers or sister? Yes! I have a big brother Felix and a little sister Sofia who has cancer.

What is cancer? It’s a sickness that makes people really sick for a long time. I think cancer is a monster!

What do you hate about cancer? It makes Sofia sick and her hair fall out it makes Felix cry and you (mummy) makes you go away a lot as you are at the hospital when Sofia is there and it makes daddy tired.

Do you worry about Sofia? Yes I worry about her and Felix and you and daddy and gramps and grams and all the kids at the hospital

Do you like visiting Sofia in the hospital? Yes, I like the beds there as they can move and I like making her laugh  but I like it when she’s home best.

What helps you not worrying? I like to go to school and play with friends and have choosing time.

 Anything else you want to say? Sometimes I worry Sofia is going to die and I know Felix worries about that.   It makes him sad and then I feel sad.  It’s like a big circle so if one person tries to be happy then we can all be happy as the circle will work in a happy way not a sad way and show the cancer monster we are not scared. I hope everyone who battles cancer gets better soon.

Love you all so much

Ellie. ♥️

  • victoriawhyte
    Posted at 18:28h, 28 October Reply

    Very powerful words, it shows that children understand far more than we expect as adults.

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