About Mrs Brown

About Mrs Brown’s Blogs

Mrs Brown’s Blogs is an honest and frank account of life, family and education. From a parenting and educational perspective, it explores the finer details of daily life with the added dimension of having a child with cancer. It explores the little-known world of how the diagnosis of leukaemia for an 11-year-old boy affects and impacts the family and friends around them. It challenges misconceptions and prejudices and turns the world of having a child with cancer on its head. From being bald to the language of cancer, behaviour management and the impact of trauma it gives the world an insight of what having a child with cancer means to the child and everyone around them. Honest and sensitive, brutal and funny it has raised awareness and smashed myths surrounding the often ignored issues surrounding a cancer diagnosis. This has led to positive and heartfelt responses showing that the readers have quickly connected with the content and passion behind the writing.

Therapy for both the author and reader, this is a compelling and emotional read which has invoked passion and emotions from the audience which words have been unable to describe.

But why?

I’ve always wanted to write. I’ve bought books about writing, attended creative writing classes and am the proud owner of copious amounts of stationery to write with. Little was I to know that it would be my 11-year-old son being diagnosed with leukaemia that would be the catalyst to me putting pen to paper. Having a child with cancer is isolating. It is isolating for many reasons but for me, I found interaction with others difficult because of my fragile emotional state. My blog provided an emotional outlet for me to tell the world exactly how heartbreaking but also inspiring it is to watch your child go through treatment for cancer. It enabled me to share the thoughts and feelings I wanted to when I wanted to and at the pace I wanted to. At times I felt an incredible urge to blog like I had to get what I was feeling out of me into the world to help me make sense of it. It soon became apparent that whilst the process is cathartic for me, my audience was benefitting from what they were reading. The comments and messages received explained how the blogs were helping people on a personal level, through different circumstances that had parallels. The experiences shared in Mrs Browns Blogs were evidently helping others make sense of the world around them. It’s taken a crazy curve ball for me to realise that I can write and that my words provide inspiration and strength for others. Let’s keep this crazy curve ball keep going!