Childhood Cancer Awareness Month ~ a daily reminder of how shit childhood cancer is.

I am emotionally drained by Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

This is somewhat ironic I know.   I have done all I can to shout as loud as I can yet it has taken its toll and we’re not even at the end of the month yet.

The honesty of the contributors and rawness of the blogs have hit hard and after 25 days I feel completely exhausted by the emotional impact.  This begs me to question the impact of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.  I have found the constant reminder on social and mainstream media quite difficult to bear.  At the beginning I was inspired to do all I could to raise awareness; today I feel emotionally spent.  The constant reminders of the pain, suffering and turmoil that families go through are too much.  We are too close.

We were just getting to the stage where, occasionally, I could forget that Felix is still treatment.  The intense period of treatment was turning into a distant memory and the future was looking positive.  I didn’t think #ablogaday through at all.  Every day in September I have had to revisit emotions and feelings that I had worked hard to suppress and bury.  What a muppet I am!

Therefore I am opting to end my #ablogaday today.  We did well – 26 days of back to back blogging (well apart from 16th September which was Ru’s birthday and I forgot!).  I would like to thank everyone for their heartfelt contributions, comments and messages.  I think we have done what I hoped we would which is getting people talking about childhood cancer.

However, I’m done with talking about it for now for a while.  Childhood Cancer is a wretched thing which only causes trauma and grief.  I need to talk about something else.  I have loved receiving blogs from people and I hope you guys will continue to be empowered to write as I believe it can help us make sense of this world and support the healing process.  Therefore, I would like to continue to invite people to contribute their blogs for publishing on Mrs Brown’s Blogs.  With this in mind, I declare that October will be dedicated to blogging about #beinghuman.  What does #beinghuman mean to you?  Who best demonstrates #beinghuman?  Where do you observe #beinghuman?  Please share your insights and philosophy – no rules, constraints or formula – just subjectivity, relatively and creativity!  To contribute to #beinghuman, please send your blogs to

I can’t wait to hear from you all; there is an abundance of talent and inspiration hidden in the world around us.  Please share for us all to enjoy!

Thank you for your continued support, love and compassion – it means the world!

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