An ode to AFC Bournemouth from Team Brown

Well, I didn’t think I would ever write a blog about the end of the football season and the sadness it brings.  It feels like a never-ending void is ahead of us, much like the end of a long-term relationship that was once full of contentment, trust and love.

As the season draws to a somewhat delayed end, with AFC Bournemouth playing their last game against Manchester United, I ponder what will be for us over the next couple of months.  As a family, we have always enjoyed football and being part of the football community but this has merely been a casual affair rather than a committed relationship.  That was until Felix’s diagnosis.

In so many ways, we have fully committed to the relationship, and in return we have been loved, cherished and encouraged as all new lovers are.  We are excited by weekend dates at the stadium where outfits, hats and timings are carefully planned and executed.  We gain pleasure in chatting to others about our new relationship, and fellow supporters obviously share our love and adoration.  In turn, we have not quite converted ardent followers of other teams, but we suspect they desire a secret affair away from prying eyes.  This is all because of the magnetic and alluring ethos of the Cherries.

Until August, we will find ourselves in a state of temporary separation.  Much like the end of a relationship, we will miss the regular dates; the passion and the hunger for success which cannot be found elsewhere.  This aspect of the relationship has been a saving grace during Felix’s treatment for leukaemia.  The fixtures, the players, the manager and the supporters have all provided stepping-stones for Felix to aid his recovery and provided an outlet for his emotion.  This has been something that no therapies or medicines could ever achieve.

During the next few months, as we all recharge our batteries to ensure we are fully loaded for a second season in the Premiership, Felix’s treatment for leukaemia will continue.  I can imagine that many a fine morning will be spent strolling around the stadium, or browsing in the shop, just to feel the vibes and sensation of what is missed and what is to come.  Until then, when the Premiership kicks off again,  we will look to Euro 2016 and hope that England can provide an interim partnership for Felix and us, which will be as successful in its quest as it is in its relationship.

So, on behalf of Team Brown, huge congratulations to AFC Bournemouth for all they have achieved this season; a remarkable accomplishment owing to their unrivalled courage and dignity.

And lastly, a tremendous thank you to everyone at AFC Bournemouth for being such an inspiring and irreplaceable force in Felix’s battle.  We are eternally grateful.

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