The Good, the Kind and the Different

The Good, the Kind and the Different

This is what being a finalist in the UK Blog Awards 2017 means to me.

It is a celebration of the goodness and kindness in people all around us and a recognition of the difference that exists among us.

This difference is often overlooked and dismissed yet it is a crucial factor and central to humanity’s ability to be good and kind.

We are all different.  As parents we are different, our children are different, our philosophies are different as are our personal ethics and morals.  It is this recognition of difference which I believe enables people to be good and kind towards each other.  We have been fortunate to have received the ultimate taste of human kindness and to truly see the good in people.

What I love most about my blog being a finalist in the UK Blog Awards, is that it is enabling the story of childhood cancer to be heard on a mainstream platform.  It means that our story will be shared with an audience beyond the oncology families within which it usually resides.  It will be read and shared by other parents and finalists.  Each skim read, each share, each reference to Mrs Brown’s Blogs will raise awareness;   awareness about diagnosis, about treatment, about stigma, about symptoms, about outcomes.  Awareness about families in our community, children nationwide, individuals internationally who are facing the challenge of, and living with childhood cancer.

I can’t wait to travel to London in April to attend the UK Blog Awards.  I will relish the opportunity to interact with other finalists and hear their stories of the good, the kind and the different.  I know I will learn and grow just by being a part of it.  I know that the campaign to raise awareness about childhood cancer will benefit from it.  I know that there will be families internationally who will be applauding the fact that one family’s story has made it onto a public stage.

A huge and massive thank you to all who voted.  Your support means the world.  Here’s to taking the good, the kind and the different to London!



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