I will run it next year…I know I said that last year! 

Good luck to everyone running the #LondonMarathon today. 
This was me back in 2007 with my good buddy Sarah. We aimed to finish before they opened the roads again and we did! We made a pact to run it again 10 year later to celebrate the passing of time and prove that aging is no barrier.  I was honoured to be offered a place to run for Children with Cancer and Sarah for Cancer Research UK. Despite numerous attempts to get our training off the ground it just didn’t happen.  The uncertainty of Felix’s treatment and starting my business just did not make the routine of running easy.  Fortuitously, our charities allowed us to defer our place for 2018. 
Needless to say we have beat ourselves up about our lack of determination and grit. Felix has been sorely disappointed that I couldn’t get my butt of the ground to train.  I now need to put my commitment and ambition into action.  I have been totally inspired by the #headstogether campaign and I am now even more determined to make it happen! Watch this space. 
#LondonMarathon #headstogether #childrenwithcancer


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