Feeling Helpless ~ A Guest Blog By Wayne

Feeling Helpless ~ A Guest Blog By Wayne

Hi, I’m Wayne. A proud, loyal and lifetime friend of Team Brown. Some of you know me, some of you don’t, some of you think you know me and some of you have never even heard of me. If you are reading this then I don’t need to explain the story of Team Brown, their heartache, their bravery, their determination (I think they call that Mindset these days), their inspiration and their lust for life.

As we are aware Mrs Brown (or Lady K as I know her) has made a fascinating, award nominated, probably won blog of life so far. Due to the popularity of this she asked me to write a blog post for her, like a guest post, (obviously the numbers are getting too high), how could I refuse, so I said yes and here it is.

Feeling Helpless.  That’s how I felt when Dylan broke the news to me about Felix.  It was horrible, a feeling that I never want to go through again. It was late one evening when Dylan text to ask if he could call me in the morning, a strange request, and I knew something was wrong.  I’ve known Dylan since school days, we’ve never scheduled a call before. I said ring me now if you need to talk, looking back on that night, I realise he probably needed to gain his composure.  Of course, I said all the normal things on hearing this horrific news, ‘Is Felix ok? Are you ok? Is Kerry ok? Are Talia and Rufus ok? What can I do?  What next? Will he be alright?’

All natural questions, of course, none of them were ok, of course, they didn’t know he would be ok! There is nothing I could do, or say that would make this situation go away, I felt useless.

As time has gone on it would seem Felix is doing ok, it would seem he wasn’t ill, it would seem this whole thing hasn’t happened. But it has, and well done to the medical team, and well done to Team Brown for making a nightmare seem like the New Normal. The strength, courage and bravery that this family has shown are beyond words. New normal?  They are busier now than when I’ve ever known them, for that, I salute you, Team Brown.  INSPIRATIONAL!!!!!! Because of Team

Because of Team Brown’s lust for life, the Childhood Cancer Awareness Campaign and a ‘can do’ attitude, it has spurred me to put myself out of my comfort zone and raise money for Cancer Research.  Felix will finish his treatment 26/04/19 and around this time I plan to row around the Isle of Wight (59 miles).  Giving a perfectly healthy Felix a cheque to hand over to Cancer Research will make me feel like I’ve done something to help. More to follow on the challenge……..

More to follow on the challenge……..



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